Viburnum Wabi-Sabi®

Viburnum Wabi-Sabi®

Viburnum plicatum tomentosum 'SMVPTFD'

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Available Feb 17, 2020 to open plant zones. View schedule.
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You deserve a spring landscape that takes your breath away - and Wabi-Sabi� viburnum is just the accent you need to do that! This unique version of the popular doublefile viburnum grows low and wide, making it perfect for the front of beds, planting atop walls, or lining walkways for a gorgeous display that is sure to stop visitors in their tracks. Every branch bears large, pure white lacecap flowers, giving the whole plant a strong horizontal presence that adds elegant structure to your plantings. Like all viburnums, it is shade tolerant and deer resistant. Like other viburnum, Wabi-Sabi needs little special care. Plant in well-drained soil and sun to part sun for best results. Pruning should not be required regularly, but if you wish to prune, do so after flowering. Add this low growing, beautiful shrub to your garden today for a breathtaking display.