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  • Viburnum

Inspired Introductions

  • New for 2020
  • Limited-supply Plants

Light Requirements

  • Full Sun
  • Part Shade


  • Compact
  • Mound-shaped
  • Standard
  • Upright

Additional Characteristics

  • Bloom First Year
  • Easy Care Plants
  • Fragrant Garden
  • Free Bloomer
  • Flower
  • Butterfly Attracting
  • Berries
  • Bird Lovers
  • Fast Growing
  • Fall Color
  • Evergreen Plants


One of the best flowering landscape shrubs

Viburnums are wonderful for landscape planting, as they boast a wide variety of sizes and growth habits, have distinct and fragrant blooms, offer showy fall, bird-attracting berries, and display excellent foliage that, in some varieties, turns a purplish-red or brilliant red in autumn! Viburnums are also hardy, resistant to serious pests, adaptable to a variety of soils, require little pruning, and tend to grow in either sun or shade. For increased fruit production, it is recommended that you grow two different varieties with the same bloom seasons.

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Viewing 1 - 8