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Voluptuous! Hybrid Tea Rose

Voluptuous! Hybrid Tea Rose

Rosa 'JACtourn' PP#16,498

Our 2005 Rose of the Year® fills the summer garden with exceptionally high-centered, fully petaled, cupped blooms with 26 to 40 satiny, deep fuchsia-pink petals that release a lovely sweet fragrance. The 5-inch flowers open from pointed, ovoid buds, appearing in flushes throughout their early summer to late summer season. Remove spent blossoms in order to encourage rebloom.

The tall, upright, full-branched, disease-resistant and heat-tolerant shrub is a wonderful addition to the landscape even when not in bloom. The glossy, dark green leaves are very attractive on their own, but of course, look amazing as a backdrop to the fuchsia-pink blooms. It reaches a height of 5 feet and width of 3 to 4 feet, making it quite manageable and suitable for a variety of garden situations.

Plant in well-drained soil in full sun and water regularly, preferably in the morning. A layer of mulch during the summer months helps to retain moisture, keep roots cool, and discourage the growth of weeds. It should be pruned in the spring, with the removal of old canes and dead wood. Cut back canes that cross each other. Gardeners in warmer climates will want to cut the remaining canes by one-third, while those in colder climates will probably need to trim it a bit more. Budded (grafted).