Clematis Warsaw Nike

Clematis 'Warsaw Nike'

Clematis 'Warsaw Nike'

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Synonyms 'Warszawska Nike,' 'Midnight Showers'.

From one of the most renowned Clematarians comes this magnificently colored reblooming variety. 'Warsaw Nike' regales with 5- to 6-inch blooms of a saturated reddish-magenta-violet hue with a darker stripe running down the center of each petal. Starred with a small primrose-cream center, these flowers look as though they're made of velour, and arise heavily both in early and midsummer and again in early and mid-fall.

'Warsaw Nike' was bred by Brother Stefan Franczak, a Polish priest also responsible for the glorious 'Blue Angel' and 'Polish Spirit' among many, many others. It is more shade tolerant than many others, making it an invaluable choice for north-facing and dappled-sun gardens where other Clematis fear to climb.

This Clematis reaches about 8 to 12 feet high and 2 feet wide in any well-drained soil. It thrives in poor soils once established in the garden, and is generally less fussy and far more floriferous than most others. This makes it an excellent 'starter' Clematis for new gardeners. But beware -- its ease of culture, free rebloom, and great beauty may spoil you for all others! Pruning Group II. Zones 4-8.