Citrus Washington Navel Orange

Citrus 'Washington' Navel Orange

Citrus x sinensis 'Washington'

This dwarf evergreen tree produces sweet, fragrant and seedless fruits for you and the whole family to enjoy. Does very well in containers so you can bring it inside and grow it in any climate, regardless of growing zone! Thanks to this wonderful 'Washington' Navel Orange even Northerners can indulge in fresh squeezed juice and orange zest desserts to their heart's content. After enjoying the sweetness and charm of its blossoms you'll wait less than a year to enjoy its succulent fruits. Whether brightening a sunroom, deck or patio this petite tree will look dashing any flourish just about anywhere provided there's plenty of sunlight. I will grow to be approximately 7 feet tall and while it can be grown anywhere inside, it is best suited in Zones 9-11. Cannot ship to AZ, CA, FL, HI, LA, TX.

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