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Rosa Wedding Dress

Rosa Wedding Dress

A Prolific Bloomer, Great for Garden and Container

Noted for its beautiful color and low growth habit, this beautiful rose will carpet your garden in beautiful blooms. The pointed, ovoid buds will open at the first sign of warm weather and reveal their beautiful white blooms with blush pink undertones.

Each bloom is about 2.5 inches in diameter and has a gentle yet spicy fragrance. Wedding Dress is noted to be one of the most effective roses to use as a ground cover. The ruffled white blooms are compared to a bride's beautiful gown. It won't be limited to a ground cover, though. Wedding Dress is happy in containers or as a low hedge.

This beautiful, clean white ground cover rose was introduced by Jackson & Perkins in 2015. To keep it growing well for many years, simply give it well-drained soil and evenly moist soil in full sun. Feed it throughout the growing season with a high Nitrogen/Potassium fertilizer for a long and lovely season of color every summer.