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Wedding Party Floribunda Rose

Wedding Party Floribunda Rose

Rosa 'Wedding Party'

This 2014 Jackson & Perkins introduction is a celebration of time-honored floral beauty! Lovely pointed buds slowly unfurl to reveal fully double, 3½-inch blooms packed with 20 perfectly formed petals that are saturated with a delicate shade of lavender-pink as well as an unforgettable spicy perfume.

Like all floribundas, the blossoms arise in clusters, creating dazzling bouquets that can be snipped for indoor arrangements or enjoyed throughout the summer right in the garden!

'Wedding Party' is equally suited to containers and the garden, its manageable size of only 2½ feet high and 3 feet wide making it a perfect candidate for patio growing as well as beds and borders or even low hedges. Even when it's not in bloom, it's still attractive, the glossy, dark green leaves bringing lovely color to any setting.

Plant in full sun in a moist, well-drained area. 'Wedding Party' should be pruned in the spring, with the removal of old canes and dead wood. Cut back canes that cross each other. Gardeners in warmer climates will want to cut the remaining canes by one-third, while those in colder climates will probably need to trim it a bit more. It can be grown in the ground or in a container (will require winter protection if planted in a container). Zones 5-9.