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Weigela Tuxedo™

Weigela Tuxedo™

The Tall, Dark and Handsome Weigela of Your Dreams!

Item # 27275
With all the color and class of a baby grand piano, this weigela will slide into your garden and steal the show! Small, bell-shaped ivory blooms flourish over this dashing shrub like drops of cream in black coffee and its leaves are the darkest shade of green you've ever seen when in full sun! Blooms late spring and may rebloom in the summer when at its happiest, this shrub has lasting appeal and is even cold hardy into zone 4. Place this darling bush in plenty of sunlight and it will reward you with dazzling flora and a tidy mounded habit. This easy to care for mound-shaped shrub does best in full sun and works great as some darker color in flower beds. If you're looking to add distinct elegance to your garden space you can't go wrong with a sharp 'Tuxedo'!