Polystichum Munitum

Polystichum Munitum

Polystichum munitum

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Polystichum munitum, the Western Sword Fern, is one of our finest native ferns. Thoroughly hardy and very adaptable, it brightens the shade of woodland gardens and borders beautifully with evergreen fronds and carefree growth. We treasure it in our garden!

The long, arching fronds of this fern are dark green and very thick, with a resilient leathery texture that enables them to withstand rain, drying wind, frost, and extreme heat. Deer and other animals do not like this plant, so it remains uneaten in most settings. And it even tolerates a touch of frost!

The fronds are excellent for cutting as filler for indoor arrangements, and also add considerable textural beauty to the garden. This is a naturally symmetrical fern, arching outwards in a fountainous pattern you will love. Handsome enough for a specimen planting, it is also invaluable in the rear of the border or foundation.

Western Sword Fern reaches 3½ feet high and wide in most settings, and may increase in size over time in some climates. It is easy to divide in early spring for new plants, but will not diminish in vigor if left alone. So low maintenance you may forget it's there until you are struck by its beauty, Western Sword Fern deserves a place of honor in your partly to fully shaded landscape this season! Zones 5-9.