Plant Care Library

Plant Care Library

Plant Care Guide

This Plant Care Library will serve as a resource to our customers and other
gardeners on the web. Gardening is a very academic activity that pulls
knowledge from many fields. Whether it's hard sciences like entomology,
botany, or geology or more creative subject like landscape architecture
and color theory, Wayside Gardens has knowledge to share. We have just
started collecting these articles, but we plan for this to be an ongoing project.

Plant Care Library Articles

Rhododendrons and Azaleas
Caring For Your Bulbs
Caring For Hydrangeas
Hydrangea Tips
Caring For Trees
Deer-Resistant Gardening
Deer-Resistant Gardening Tips from Other Customers
Caring For Hardy Ferns
Growing Your Own Fruit Made Easy
Caring For Citrus Trees
How to Grow Bamboo
Japanese Maple Care guide
Rebloomers: Constant Blooms from Spring to Fall
Choosing the Right Plants for Privacy Hedges
Create Living Walls for Your Garden
Planting & Growing Poppies
Dividing Irises and Daylilies
Daffodil Quick Planting Tips
Rose Pruning Tips
Winter-care Tips for Your Garden
Tips to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden
How to Overwinter Dahlias
Tips for gardening in particularly hot, dry climates
Spring Garden Preparation Checklist

Specific Planting Information: A-Z

Acer - Azalea
Baptisia - Buxus
Caladium - Cyrtomium
Daylily - Dryopteris
Echinacea - Euphorbia
Ferns - Franklinia
Gaillardia - Gypsophila
Habranthus - Hypericum
Iberis - Kumquat
Lamium - Lysimachia
Magnolia - Musa
Nandina - Osmunda
Paeonia - Pyrethrum
Raspberry - Rudbeckia
Sagina - Syringa
Taxodium - Tsuga
Vaccinium - Zantedeschia

1 - Choose the best Location.
Location, Location, Location!

2 - Dig a Hole.
Make it easier for roots to spread and settle in

3 - Water in and Mulch.
These good rules-of-thumb keep your plant
hydrated and happy

Pruning Group 1
The Ramblers and Early Bloomers

Pruning Group 2
The Big-Flowered Summer Bloomers

Pruning Group 3
The Late Bloomers

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