Spring-Blooming Plants

Get the new season started early

Undoubtedly, spring is the most magical time in the garden, and spring-blooming plants may be the most appreciated of all the seasons. As the first to unfurl in spring, early bloomers mark the end of the dark days of winter. After a long, dreary winter, we crave color, and these spring-blooming plants deliver. As soon as the ground begins to warm, they “pop” to life and brighten the barren landscape with bursts of brilliant color, auguring the bountiful season ahead when gardens are abubble with blooms and abuzz with bees and butterflies. And don’t forget, spring bloomers are an important food source for these emerging pollinators.

Here at Wayside Gardens, we offer a broad array of eye-catching spring-blooming options, from small to tall, from dainty to daring, from beloved classic favorites that impart old-fashioned charm to the new and novel that keep gardens interesting. You’ll find groundcovers to blanket the garden floor in bee-friendly blooms; plants, shrubs, and bushes bursting with berries and flamboyant flowers; and sweet-smelling blossoming trees and flowering vines, everything you need to get your spring garden brimming with blooms.

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