Expect More with Wayside's Annual Plants

Annual plants are an easy way to bring a bounty of living beauty to your landscape. From spring until fall gardeners of all levels of experience can enjoy the thrilling foliage and gorgeous blooms of Wayside's annuals. Unlike perennials which bloom for a season and then return the next year, annuals have a single year to shine and so they put all of their energy into putting on the most extraordinary show possible.

The ideal annual mix includes three key elements: a thriller, spiller, and filler. They each do as their names imply. The spiller is typically a trailing plant such as petunias which spill out over the sides of the containers for a dramatic waterfall-like effect. The filler is usually a low-growing variety which uses its dense blooms and foliage to create a rich carpet of color, giving the arrangement a fuller, more seamless appearance. Finally, the thriller is the centerpiece of the arrangement and sports the most eye-catching blooms or foliage which draw you in to fully admire the brilliance of the dynamic and multi-layered display. Combinations such as the ever popular 'Americana' provides an excellent example of the thriller-spiller-filler principle with its use of Lobelia, Verbena, and Petunias. While this method is the most tried and true, the number of combinations is as boundless as one's own imagination.

When it comes time to choose your annuals Wayside Gardens offers a wide selection of premium quality plants that are sure to impress. What sets their annuals apart from the competition is how each one is a living representation of the Wayside Difference. Just as they grow only the highest quality perennials, their selection of annual plants is unmatched in health, size, and beauty. When you introduce these annual plants to your garden you can expect more blooms, brighter colors and distinctive patterns, and a robust nature which makes them easier to maintain. The proof is in the root systems which are stronger than any other on the market. An even balance of dedication to details as well as superior breeding techniques allows this company to bring out the full potential of each variety so that all plants produce an abundance of blooms which last longer for truly remarkable seasonal displays. Whether they are a tradition in your household or a way to pass on the love of gardening to the next generation, annual plants are the perfect way to brighten your planters with easy, bounteous and rewarding bursts of living color.

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Happy gardening!