This Tree from Wayside Gardens Exceeded All Expectations!

Not many people enjoy the privilege of having a tree from their yard selected to be the Christmas tree in front of the Capitol, but Molly Gill knows that feeling.

Gill's tree—a Colorado Blue Spruce cultivar named 'Fat Albert'—was just installed in a planter in front of the Capitol Building in Charleston, West Virginia. There it will stand and be decorated to serve as a Christmas tree this season.

When Gill ordered the tree from Wayside Gardens in 1996, it was only a sapling. Gill says she expected the tree to reach only 8 feet tall, but it must have been very happy in its home, because it grew prodigiously, reaching over 20 feet tall in under 20 years!

The magnificent specimen was selected by Governor Earl Ray Tomblin earlier this year, and after Gill agreed to offer up the tree, 'Fat Albert' was cut down and set into place in its new home on the Northern side of the Charleston Capitol Building on November 19th.

The inspirational story of 'Fat Albert' was featured on the front page of the West Virginia Gazette that same day.

Wayside Gardens no longer carries 'Fat Albert', but in light of this precocious specimen, Merchandising Manager Darrin Paschal is considering re-introducing the cultivar this Spring. Paschal was so inspired by the story that he is offering Gill a new tree to replace 'Fat Albert' at no cost.

For more information on growing your own magnificent Christmas trees, visit or contact the Wayside Gardens Public Relations Department directly at 1-864-941-4521.

Happy gardening and Happy Holidays from your friends at Wayside Gardens!