Hydrangea arborescens (Smooth Hydrangea)

A versatile, attractive and reliable shrub

Also known as smooth hydrangea, this variety tolerates many kinds of environmental conditions and is quite easy to grow. With these showy, rabbit proof shrubs enhancing your landscape you can relax and enjoy summers and falls filled with incredible blooms.

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  • Hydrangea Invincibelle Limetta®
    1-Quart $19.95
  • Hydrangea Invincibelle Wee White®
    1-Quart $19.95
  • Hydrangea Annabelle
    2-Quart As Low As $19.95
  • Hydrangea Incrediball® Blush
    1-Quart $24.95
  • Hydrangea Invincibelle® Ruby
    1-Quart $26.95
  • Hydrangea Invincibelle® Spirit II
    1-Quart $29.95
  • Hydrangea Incrediball®
    2-Quart As Low As $24.95
Viewing 1 - 7