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Acanthus Whitewater

Acanthus 'Whitewater'

Acanthus spp. 'Whitewater' PP#23,342

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Bold, rugged and vigorous, 'Whitewater' Acanthus provides striking color with its variegated foliage and its pink-and-cream summer flowers! Gorgeous and versatile, it makes an outstanding accent in the shade garden, perennial border or trouble areas.

Displaying marvelous colors and texture throughout the year, 'Whitewater' shines greatest in June and July when it produces showy, pink-and-cream flowers from 4-foot high stalks great for cutting. Often emerging white in spring, the bold, green leaves have deeply cut white margins with white splashes creating a splendid accent.

Bred with 'Summer Beauty' for vigor and increased heat and humidity tolerance and hardiness, 'Whitewater' prefers deep, fertile, moist and well-drained soils, but can tolerate others. More vigorous than 'Tasmanian Angel', it has longer leaves, more evergreen and longer petioles.

Thriving in part or full shade, 'Whitewater' grows in a clumping habit in warmer climates, requiring a moderate level of water. The perennial may not show variegation until after the time of shipment. The combination of hardiness and splendor provides great year-round enjoyment.