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Wildfare Wreath - Bird Feed

Wildfare Wreath - Bird Feed

9x3 Bird Lover's Gift
Item # 28116
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Hang this solid 9-inch seed and nut wreath in spring as a hearty welcome home for old friends or hang it any time of year to entice newcomers. Decorated with lavender raffia and a darling butterfly and rich with safflower, peanuts, tree nuts, white millet, and black oil sunflower, a songbird favorite, it is an attractive, tidy way to feed hungry birds. You'll never need to worry about messy, melting suet or sprouting seeds again. Just be sure to hang your wreath in an area of the yard protected from wind and rain but viewable from a window where it can be fully enjoyed.

A charming gift for nature lovers, this wreath provides hours of relaxing entertainment. And recipients will also appreciate that their feathered friends are being treated to a fine, nutritious feast.

Dimensions: 9 inch diameter x 3 inch depth