Cotinus Winecraft Black®

Cotinus Winecraft Black®

Cotinus coggygria cv. 'NCCO1' PPAF

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This sun loving shrub is full of color changing magic! Too good to be true? We do not think so - unique thundercloud dark foliage is the calling card of this shapely semi-dwarf smokebush. Incredibly the shade only get darker as the season progresses. In the middle of summer the shrub lives up to its name by producing sizable smoke-like red flowers. For its final trick, fall turns the coal dark leaves into brilliant amber - the perfect finale to a year of beauty for this unusual shrub. The colors of this compact shrub are ever changing and will add plenty of visual interest to your landscape. It may look irresistible to human eyes but thankfully its avoided by deer. Use it beds or in a border for scarlet flowers bursting from midnight colored foliage. The colorful foliage also works great as cut flowers and can be added easily to a unique arrangement. Plant in full sun and prune lightly in spring for best results.