Set out plants at least 6 feet apart, in a well-drained, humusy soil. Full sun assures optimum bloom; Wisteria also prefers locations with southern or western exposures.


Avoid nitrogenous fertilizers, which will produce exces sive vegetation at the expense of flowering. Instead, yearly applications of super phosphate should be made in the fall.

To Prune:

Allow one leader shoot to grow from the end of each main framework branch. Cut these back – best if done in winter – by half. In the summer, pinch side shoots to 6 or 7 leaves, and pinch back side shoot branchlets to first or second leaf.

Follow this procedure for several years, until the plant has filled its desired space; thereafter, only the side shoots will need pruning. In winter, cut these back to spurs 1 to 3 inches from the base and eliminate dead wood and suckers.

To Prune to a Standard:

Prune to one strong main stem and attach to a sturdy stake. Continue to cut off all shoots except the main stem, allowing top growth to remain. When trunk reaches desired height, pinch out top growth, then allow branches to grow from upper portion, while pinching side shoots in summer and pruning in winter as described above.


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