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Work Gloves

Work Gloves

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A must-have for all gardeners, these beautifully constructed gloves are durable, comfortable, and very long-lasting. Whether you are double-digging a new bed, hauling rocks, or pruning roses, you'll love how much easier every chore is when you're wearing Work Gloves!

These gloves feature a padded synthetic-suede palm for thorn protection, reinforced fingertips for longer life, and a stretch nylon back for a snug yet flexible fit. They last a long, long time, even under the difficult conditions that we gardeners put our gloves into!

Now you can weed, dig, rake, lift, and carry without worrying about puncture wounds, chafing, or contamination from poison ivy or chemicals. Work Gloves keep your hands safe from harm, and that helps you stay longer in the garden, with less fatigue and injury.

Work Gloves are machine-washable, and can even be machine-dried on the low setting. You'll want to wear them every day, so pick up a second pair and recommend them to your friends, too. They're so useful for so many chores!

Work Gloves are available in the following sizes:

Small: Fits glove sizes 6-6½, for petite and short-fingered hands.
Medium: Fits glove sizes 6½-8, for most hands.
Large: Fits glove sizes 8½-9½
Extra Large: Fits glove sizes 10-11.