Persea Avocado Wurtz

Persea Avocado 'Wurtz'

Persea americana 'Wurtz'

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Available May 4, 2020 to open plant zones. View schedule.

Now you can enjoy fresh, succulent, flavorful avocados right on the patio! "Little Cado" is a true dwarf tree that pollinates itself, sets big crops, and needs no special care to flourish for many years!

'Wurtz' (or "Little Cado," as it is familiarly known!) offers dark green avocadoes that are high in oils and thin-skinned. Weighing about 6 to 12 ounces each, they have a wonderfully succulent texture and plenty of rich, just-picked flavor your family will love.

Best of all, this tree begins fruiting not long after you plant it. And since 'Wurtz' reaches no more than 10 feet tall, you can keep it in a large container that you bring to a frost-free location for winter, then set out again in spring! So easy!

Hardy to 25°F, the 'Wurtz' avocado blooms in late winter, fruiting many months later. Pick the fruit before it feels ripe and let it finish indoors. Delicious!

This true dwarf tree is a hybrid of European and Central American avocado species, bringing you trouble-free generous crops while remaining compact in size. You need only one to set fruit. Highly recommended.