Persea Avocado Wurtz

Persea Avocado 'Wurtz'

The Only True Dwarf Avocado Tree!

Tree Sleeve
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No matter where you live, you can enjoy fresh avocadoes on the patio or in the living room with "Little Cado," the only true dwarf in the Avocado family. Self-pollinating, heavy-bearing, and easy to grow, this container tree asks only sunshine and water to live a long, productive life!

Beginning just a year or two after planting, 'Wurtz' begins setting mid-size fruit of dark green. High in oils (16%), it is wonderfully succulent and rich, with thin skin for easier peeling. these 6- to 12-ounce fruits have a small seed, and arise in good numbers all over the tree. Yummy!

'Wurtz' reaches no more than 10 feet tall, so you don't have to prune it to continuously reduce its size or keep it within bounds. Pinch the growing tips the first year to increase the bushiness of the habit, and then let it go. So easy!

This Avocado appreciates a break from the hottest summer sun its first year, and good protection from strong winds. It is hardy to 25 degrees F, but should be brought indoors before any danger of frost. It blooms from January through March, though the flowers are not particularly ornamental. Fruit follows some months later, and should be picked when it reaches full size and is still firm. It won't ripen on the tree; it must be picked first. Set the fruits on a plate and let them soften on the kitchen table; they will be ready to eat in just a few weeks.

'Wurtz' is a hybrid of Mexican and Guatemalan species, with the best attributes of all. It is heavy-bearing, trouble-free, and dwarf. Give it a large container and keep it well watered, and it will repay you with countless delicious harvests!

At time of shipment, these trees are roughly one year old. The tree sleeve is 5"x12" and at time of shipment the tree is 24"-36" tall.

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Exquisite Avocado Tree!
Iolla from CA wrote on February 27, 2020:

This avocado tree came to me a little over a week ago. It's so healthy! I potted it up immediately. It's doing great! I'd buy from Wayside Gardens again in a heartbeat.