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Deutzia Yuki Cherry Blossom®

Deutzia Yuki Cherry Blossom®

Deutzia hybrid 'NCDX2' PPAF

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Available Feb 17, 2020 to open plant zones. View schedule.
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A glorious cascade of cream-colored, magenta-painted blooms is something you used to only see on large, mature Sakura trees. But now you can recreate that glorious mass bloom show with much smaller and easier plants. The Yuki Cherry Blossom® Deutzia grows just 1 to 2 feet tall, but in the spring it puts on one impressive color show! The creamy white blooms are blushed with magenta markings, creating a carpet of cherry blossoms over a low, spreading bush. Just one of these Deutzias makes a fine specimen or container plant, but the effect becomes more and more impressive the more you mass the plants.

The foliage is deciduous, coming on a dark green and turning burgundy in the fall. The blooms transform the look of the shrub, illuminating the dark leaves with bright white and pink. And since this plant is unpalatable to deer, you get to keep that beauty and fragrance for yourself all season.

Pruning is not necessary, but it can help Cherry Blossom® grow more dense and tidy. Once a year the flowering stems can be cut down flush with the foliage, and every few years the entire shrub can be cut back, to encourage bushier growth.

Very easy to grow in sun to partial shade (full sun is best for heaviest flowering), this Japanese native tolerates drought and poor soil once established. The small (2 1/2-inch) leaves are soft green, making an attractive presence in the border or container.