Calla Lily

For Indoor Cultivation:

Plant one bulb to a 6-inch pot filled with a loose potting mix ture which barely covers the bulb. Water and place in a location where it will receive gentle bottom heat and low light intensity.

Once growth is observed, move it into defused light for several days so the new tender growth is not scorched. Then place in an area with 3 to 4 hours of sun light to grow on and flower. Water sparingly until growth starts, then keep well watered and fertilized in a warm room through period of active growth.

Feed with a general -purpose, liquid house plant fertilizer. They like being moved outside for the summer grow on. As the plant completes its growth cycle and begins to go dormant, gradually withhold water. Most Zantedeschias need a 3 month dormancy, but Z. aethiopica can be grown continuously without rest. Above Zone 8, bring indoors for winter.

For Outdoor Cultivation:

In warmer areas, they may be grown as a garden bulb and left in the ground over winter. A site with good drainage should be selected and the soil well enriched with organic matter. They like full sun further north and half shade in Zones 9 and 10.

Plant bulbs with about 3 to 4 inches of soil over the top of the bulb, setting bulbs 12 or more inches apart. A winter mulch is recommended in Zone 7.


After first blooms fade, cut the blossom stalks off at the base to encour age reblooming. Keep well fertilized and watered during growth. Where it isn’t hardy, dig bulbs in fall, dry for several days, and store in a box or paper bag in dry peat moss or dry potting soil at 40-50°F for the winter.


Zones 7 (with protection)-10