Zebra Cactus Trio in Ascending Votives

Zebra Cactus Trio in Ascending Votives

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Delight friends and family with a gift so easy to care for and beautiful to look at that they might just become serious indoor gardeners!

This trio of Zebra Cacti (Haworthia) arrives already potted up and growing in oblong containers of varying size: all are 3 inches wide and long, but the black pot is 5 inches high, the gray one 6, and the white one 7. What fun to arrange them as a group or separate them for hostess gifts and other impulse presents.

Zebra Cactus hails from South Africa, and thrives in the bright indirect light of houses and offices. It likes to dry out a bit between waterings, and grows very slowly, remaining just 3 to 6 inches high and not quite as wide for some time. You will love these upward-facing leaves with pointy tips and bright white horizontal stripes! Very stylish and smart!

Make the Zebra Cactus Trio a go-to choice for gift-giving. It's a great way to add a touch of living color to any setting, and to give a meaningful gift that needs little care and attention for maximum impact! Set of 3 plants.

Box Dimensions: 9" x 9" x 9