Mint Crisp Honeysuckle

Mint Crisp Honeysuckle

Lonicera japonica 'Mint Crisp'

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Beautiful every month of the year, this Variegated Honeysuckle offers splendid cream speckling on bright green leaves, plus touches of pink during winter! The blooms are showy as well, opening pure white and then maturing through shades of cream into a delicate pale yellow. Ultra-fragrant, they remain for an exceptionally long season on this vigorous climber. Find a vertical support to blanket or a fence to weave with soft color, and let 'Mint Crisp' loose in the sunny garden!

The foliage is so bright and attractive, keeping its cream tones right through the summer heat and autumn chill. Semi-evergreen, in areas where it remains through winter, it acquires bold pink tints that really stand out. Unlike other varieties that are less hardy and dependable due to their variegation, 'Mint Crisp' is a robust garden performer in a wide range of climates and conditions.

The flowers are magnificent as well. They begin in midsummer in most areas, opening long, tubular, and pure white. Butterflies and hummingbirds pay their respects on a daily basis, and that irresistible honeysuckle scent pervades the garden. The blooms mature to cream and finally primrose yellow, the soft color complementing the gold-speckled foliage perfectly. And the flowers just keep coming all the way into autumn, lasting into October in many gardens.

Deer and rabbits leave this climbing shrub alone, making it a good choice for open settings as well as the border, and all it asks for success is sunshine and well-drained soil. It does need an annual prune, for it is massive and does best when sheared in late winter for a fresh season's growth. Beyond that, 'Mint Crisp' is effortless -- and the sight of it in the garden is unforgettable! Zones 4-9.