Sunblaster 6400K T5HO Replacement Bulb - 24 Inches

Sunblaster 6400K T5HO Replacement Bulb - 24 Inches

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More light with less power! Your plants deserve true sunlight no matter where they are planted, and the Sunblaster 6400K T5HO is the closest thing your indoor plants will get to true sunlight. And your power bill won't go through the roof, because these lights only use 24 watts of power. But don't worry! Your plants will get all of the nutrients and energy they need to thrive when given the Sunblaster 6400K T5HO.

This replacement blub is perfect for the Sunblaster NanoTech Plant Light and Reflector Combo, which will offer the maximum light and use the minimum amount of energy. However, this light bulb can be used with any 24 inch light.