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Variegated Daphne

Variegated Daphne

Daphne odora 'Aureo-Marginata'

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This aromatic variety is easier to grow than other Daphne varieties as well and is evergreen. It is an eye pleasing, rounded plant which maintains its branching through winter and grows quickly to full size. The purple buds reveal the blooms within in March, well into April.

The Variegated Daphne is the most aromatic of all the Daphne varieties. It contains purple buds to begin with, but they change to pink-to-white blooms sometime in early spring. This beautiful Variegated Daphne will make your whole garden smell delightful and remain beautiful all year. It's dark, verdant green foliage is outlined in gold, giving it a spark of color.

This plant is resistant to summer heat and humidity as well and can be expected to grow to its full height of 4 or 5 feet. To give your Variegated Daphne the best chance, plant it in a cool location that is lightly shaded. Keep it moist, but not wet. This is a lovely choice to grow along the west coast as well, due to its environment.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
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Daphne will become your favorite fragrant plant.
Gordon from VA wrote (August 06, 2014):
The fragrant harbinger of spring. Flowers when it is still cold/cool here in Richmond. Blooms last a good while with the best smell you can imagine. The varigated leaves also make this a very pretty bush. Get several as you will fall in love with them.