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Delosperma Jewel of Desert Moonstone

Delosperma Jewel of Desert Moonstone

Delosperma 'Jewel of Desert Moonstone' PP#23,491

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Plant Patent 23,491.

From the middle of spring through the middle of fall, the butterflies will wait patiently to rest upon the 2 inch blossoms of this beautiful plant. The attractive flowers will grow from 4 to 6 inches tall and 8 to 10 inches wide. Grow them as ground cover along a bank near the pond or display them in a large container on the front porch. They will survive in the hottest condition even without water, making them true to their name, jewel of desert moonstone. The best part is that you can plant them one time and forget about them.These flowers are easy to care for and with their lavender and white colors, accented with olive green foliage, they will make beautiful props for your summertime photography.