Sun-Loving Shrubs for Hot and Dry Gardens

deep purple buddleia bloom
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Sun-Loving Shrubs for Hot and Dry Gardens

Sun-Loving Shrubs That Stand Up to the Hottest Climates

Many slower-growing perennials need much less water and can give you just as much beauty.  There are also a huge variety of drought-tolerant plants available that, once established, will do wonderfully with almost no irrigation.

green boxwood shrubsgreen boxwood shrubs

The old hedge standby, boxwoods love the sun, and they will tolerate some of the driest climates. Water deeply once a week in the driest times, and your shrubs should hold up to the elements. They will hold their leaves and color when others would fade.

buddleia butterfly bushbuddleia butterfly bush

The butterfly bush, this bush fills with beautiful, colorful blooms throughout the summer. It will attract pollinators, especially butterflies, which will make all of your plants more productive. It loves full sun, and stands up to warm dry weather.

small dogwood shrubssmall dogwood shrubs

More a tree than a shrub, but it provides the bonus of eventually adding a little shade to those over-baked patches of your garden. With beautiful blooms, changing foliage, and colorful branches, dogwoods provide year-round interest. They love full sun.

weigela shrubs with pink flowersweigela shrubs with pink flowers

This shrub is the real rock star of heat tolerant plants. With beautiful bright blooms in a mounded shape, you'll enjoy its reblooming and heavy flushes from mid-spring to late fall. Weigela has non-stop color for three seasons.