Perennial Flowers for Mass Planting Plus Foliage Ideas

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Perennial Flowers for Mass Planting Plus Foliage Ideas

Plants Perfect for Mass Planting

Mass planting is a fun, visually appealing technique that is great for wide open spaces. Find out if this method is right for you and your landscape.

What’s Mass Planting?

Mass planting is exactly what it sounds like – planting a group of very similar to identical plants close together so that they flow into each other creating a carpet-like effect. This kind of planting is great for creating massive visual impact that individual plants might not achieve on their own. Certain varieties look incredible planted this way and prove that there truly is strength (and beauty!) in numbers.

How Does it Affect the Landscape?

Mass planting creates a seamless swath of complementary colors and textures that gives definition to the area while also highlighting the beauty of certain, more subtle flower and foliage that would otherwise be overlooked. Mass plantings act as thick brush strokes to a canvas that draws attention even when viewed from a distance. We suggest this method of planting for very large open yards because it makes use of excess space while adding visual impact without a lot of overthinking involved.

Shrub Rose
Tulips/Spring Bulbs

Which Plants Should I Use?

Try going for low growing flowers and grasses that don’t mind being close and personal with each other and that are dense enough to create a seamless visual effect. You’re looking for uniformity so try to avoid amorphous or ‘leggy’ plants with uneven habits.

Grasses & Foliage Interest

Flowers are lovely, but they aren’t the only way to leave a big impression on garden guests. Try out some unique combinations of foliage interest plants to really put on an unforgettable botanical show.