Grow Radiant Delosperma in Your Xeriscape and Flower Garden

purple iceplants in rock garden
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Grow Radiant Delosperma in Your Xeriscape and Flower Garden

Delosperma, the Spreading Evergreen Succulent Groundcover

When it comes to gardening, few plants can match the bright colors and toughness of delosperma. Also called iceplants, these gorgeous succulents are not only pretty they're also great for almost any garden. At Wayside Gardens, we want to share the benefits of these amazing plants with you.

Why Choose Delosperma? Bursting with Color and Resilience

Delosperma boasts an impressive array of hues, ranging from vivid pinks and oranges to soothing purples and whites. These plants effortlessly introduce a spectrum of colors to your garden canvas. Beyond their visual appeal, delosperma exhibits remarkable toughness, thriving under the scorching sun and requiring minimal water once they've settled into your garden beds.

purple iceplant flowerspurple iceplant flowers
delosperma firespinner flowersdelosperma firespinner flowers
strawberry iceplant flowerstrawberry iceplant flower
Jewel of the Desert DelospermaJewel of the Desert Delosperma
moonstone iceplantmoonstone iceplant
garnet delospermagarnet delosperma

Perfect Partners for Iceplant

Pairing delosperma with other garden favorites can yield stunning results. Here are some ideal companion plants to consider:

Sedum: Sharing a love for sunlight and a low-water lifestyle, sedum and delosperma create a harmonious pairing.

Lavender: The delightful fragrance of lavender mingling with the vibrant blooms of delosperma is a sensory delight for any garden enthusiast.

Echinacea (Coneflower): These flowers are a magnet for bees and butterflies, infusing vitality into your garden spaces alongside the cheerful hues of delosperma.

Dianthus: Their delicate petals complement the bold colors of delosperma beautifully, creating a visual symphony in your garden beds.

Choosing the Perfect Spot for Delosperma

For optimal growth and vitality, keep these pointers in mind when selecting a spot for your delosperma:

Abundant Sunlight: Delosperma thrives in sunlight, so aim for a location that receives a minimum of 6 hours of direct sunlight each day.

Well-Draining Soil: These plants dislike soggy conditions, so ensure your soil provides excellent drainage. Incorporating some sand into the soil mix can aid in achieving this balance.

Versatile Planting Options: Delosperma's trailing stems make them versatile additions to your garden. Whether cascading from hanging baskets, adorning pots, or enhancing rock gardens, let them spill over the edges for a picturesque display.

How Fast Do Ice Plants Spread?

Ice plants are generally rapid spreaders, especially during their growing season. In ideal conditions, these succulents can cover significant ground, creating lush carpets of colorful blooms. However, their growth rate can vary based on factors such as soil quality, sunlight exposure, and watering frequency.

Maintaining Your Iceplant Oasis

To ensure your delosperma remains a thriving focal point in your garden, here are some care tips to follow:

Avoid Overwatering: These plants prefer dry soil conditions and are prone to root rot in overly moist environments. Water sparingly, especially during the winter months.

Watch for Pests: Keep an eye out for common pests like aphids and mealybugs, particularly during mid-summer when these critters are most active. Regularly inspect your plants and treat infestations promptly.

Pruning for Health: Trim back any yellowing ice plant foliage to promote new growth and maintain the plant's vigor.

Winter Care: In colder climates, protect your delosperma from frost by covering them with a light mulch layer. This helps insulate the roots during chilly winter months.

Embrace the Beauty of Delosperma

Delosperma is a delightful, water-wise choice for infusing your garden with vibrant colors and vitality. Don't hesitate to invite these charming succulents into your outdoor haven. Explore Wayside Gardens' collection today and witness the enchanting allure that iceplant brings to your garden landscape.

With their dazzling blooms and resilient nature, delosperma is a testament to the joy of gardening with plants that thrive in the sun-soaked, dry soils of hot climates. Experience the magic of these spreading succulents and transform your garden into a colorful oasis.