Dragonfly™ Sakura Pigsqueak

Dragonfly™ 'Sakura' Pigsqueak

Bergenia Dragonfly™ 'Sakura'

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'Sakura' means Cherry Blossom in Japanese, and that's exactly what the lovely semi to full double blooms of this Bergenia resemble. Their radiantly rosy flower clusters look even better again its thick green foliage in spring and summer. Interestingly, it's the foliage that makes this perennial so unique. Its leaves are a peculiar texture, thick and rubbery, so that if you rub it between your fingers you'll hear the distinct "pig squeak" for which it's named. Those odd yet attractive leaves also turn deep plum in winter for further interest. 'Sakura's' intensely colorful blooms of last a long time in vases and for several weeks in the garden.

Charming visual appeal isn't the only thing that 'Sakura' has going for it. Like most Bergenia it is super tough, tolerating drought and a broad range of soil conditions. Plus its completely deer proof and makes a wonderfully easy and effective groundcover. Everyone should have such a multi-talented plant in their life! Zones 4-9.