Every garden should have an edible component and since today's fruit varieties are far more versatile and compact than in the past, you can grow a varied and beautiful fruit crop on the patio or deck.

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'Golden Globe' Potato - 2 Pound Bag
Psidium 'Tropical Pink' Guava
Bergera Curry Leaf Tree
Vaccinium Splendid!™ Blue Highbush Blueberry
Olea 'Mission' Olive Tree
Lycium 'Firecracker' Goji Berry
'Harvest Moon' Potato - 2 Pound Bag
Passiflora 'Nancy Garrison' Passion Fruit
'Nicola' Potato - 2 Pound Bag
Punica 'Eversweet' Pomegranate
Citrus Australian Finger Lime Tree
Vitis Elvira White Grape
Citrus 'Fukushu' Kumquat Tree
Citrus Clementine Mandarin Tree
Vitis Concord Blue Seedless Grape
Mushroom Blue Oyster Countertop Kit
Citrus Buddha's Hand Citron Tree
Actinidia September Sun™ Arctic Beauty™ Female Kiwi
Prunus 'Kristin' Cherry
Vitis Edelweiss White Grape
Vitis Frontenac Blue Grape
Mushroom Pink Oyster Countertop Kit
Vitis St Croix Red Grape
Vitis Niagara White Grape
As low as $45.00
Vitis Catawba Red Grape
As low as $45.00
Vitis Reliance Red Seedless Grape