Explore Exquisite Hellebore Plants and Flowers

Discover the enchanting world of Hellebores at Wayside Gardens. Our collection features a variety of stunning Hellebore plants and flowers that will add elegance and charm to your garden. From delicate blooms in a spectrum of colors to resilient plants that thrive in various conditions, we offer premium selections to suit every gardener's needs. Explore our Hellebore Plants and Flowers today and bring beauty to your outdoor space year-round.

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Helleborus HGC® Ice N' Roses® Dark Picotee Hellebore
Helleborus Frostkiss® Pippa's Purple® Hellebore
Helleborus Frostkiss® Molly's White Hellebore
Helleborus HGC® Winter Ballet Liara Hellebore
Helleborus HGC® Jesko Hellebore
Helleborus Frostkiss® Anna's Red Hellebore
As low as $45.00
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10 Items


Hellebore Plants: Elevate your garden with our premium Hellebore plants. Known for their exquisite flowers and evergreen foliage, Hellebores are a must-have for any discerning gardener. Browse our curated selection of Hellebore plants, including hybrid varieties and rare species, and add timeless beauty to your landscape.

Hellebore Flowers: Delight in the ethereal beauty of Hellebore flowers. With their graceful nodding blooms and subtle hues, Hellebores are beloved for their winter and early spring flowering season. Explore our range of Hellebore flowers, from classic single-flowered types to intricate doubles, and create captivating floral displays that will enchant year after year.

Hellebore Care Tips: Ensure your Hellebore plants thrive with our expert care tips. Learn how to plant, water, and fertilize Hellebores for optimal growth and blooming. Discover the best growing conditions, including soil preferences and sunlight requirements, to keep your Hellebores healthy and vibrant throughout the seasons.

Hellebore Varieties: Dive into the diverse world of Hellebore varieties available at Wayside Gardens. From traditional Lenten Roses (Helleborus orientalis) to striking hybrids like Helleborus ├Ś hybridus, explore a wealth of options to suit your garden style and preferences. Whether you're drawn to rich jewel tones or delicate pastels, you'll find the perfect Hellebore variety to enhance your outdoor space.

Hellebore Landscape Ideas: Get inspired with creative ways to incorporate Hellebores into your landscape design. From charming woodland gardens to elegant border plantings, discover how Hellebores can lend their beauty to a variety of garden settings. Explore companion plants that pair well with Hellebores and design tips for showcasing these enchanting flowers in your outdoor oasis.

Shop Hellebores Online: Shop our collection of Hellebore plants and flowers online for convenient delivery to your doorstep. With our carefully selected offerings and secure ordering process, it's never been easier to add these captivating beauties to your garden. Find your favorite Hellebore varieties and start creating a picturesque landscape that will be the envy of all who see it.

Make your hellebores thrive with confidence by consulting our comprehensive Hellebore Planting and Care Guide.