Vines and Climbers

Elevate your garden with Vines and Climbers! A functional addition, vines and climbers can maximize space through vertical growth, create natural privacy, reduce noise and add shade. Explore the possibilities today!

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Vining plants add a new dimension to your garden and landscape. Sweeping branches of flowers that drape over a trellis or arbor, vines that climb a fence or pergola give the landscape a cozy feel when you are surrounded by nature. Vines and climbers soften hard edges of porch posts and deck footings. Perennial vining plants may become backyard celebrities with their mature masses of flowers, woody branches, and lovely foliage. You can even hide bare spots or cover imperfections in the yard with climbing plants and vines.

Bring vibrant color and delightful fragrance to your garden space with easy-to-grow, long-lived vines. Wayside Gardens offers a distinct selection of new and interesting flowering vines, climbing roses, and delicious edibles for your garden, landscape, and table. We deliver the finest in product, color, and form to your landscape with premium vines and climbing plants.

Our customers especially adore clematis with its abundant flowering and easy to grow nature. And, while there are three groups of clematis types, you don’t see Group 1 in our “Clematis Pruning Group” filters because clematis vines in Group 1 don’t require pruning.

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