Red Hot Poker

Discover the vibrant Red Hot Poker Plant (Kniphofia), perfect for adding bold color with its fiery red, orange, and yellow flower spikes. Ideal for attracting pollinators and thriving in full sun with minimal watering. Brighten your garden today!

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Kniphofia 'Poco Orange'
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Kniphofia Glowstick

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Illuminate Your Garden with the Fiery Beauty of Red Hot Poker Plants

Embrace the bold and vibrant allure of our Red Hot Poker Plant (Kniphofia), a striking addition to any garden that thrives across many hardiness zones. Known for its unique torch-like flower spikes, the Red Hot Poker is a must-have for gardeners seeking to add a splash of fiery color and exotic flair to their landscape.


Why Choose Our Red Hot Poker Plants?

  • Vibrant Display
  • Extended Blooming Season
  • Attract Pollinators
  • Easy Care 


Planting & Care Tips

Our Red Hot Poker Plants thrive in full sun and require well-drained soil. They are resilient to most pests and diseases, ensuring a robust and thriving garden display with minimal fuss.


Why Our Red Hot Poker Flower Spikes?

  • Striking Color
  • Prolonged Bloom
  • Wildlife Friendly
  • Drought Tolerant 


Add a Spark to Your Garden with Our Red Hot Poker Flower Spikes

Ignite your landscape’s potential with the Red Hot Poker Plant (Kniphofia). Renowned for its dramatic flower spikes in fiery hues of red, orange, and yellow, this plant is not just a visual stunner but also remarkably easy to maintain.


Grow Stunning Red Hot Poker Plants for a Fiery Garden Display

Elevate your garden’s allure with the striking Red Hot Poker Plant (Kniphofia). Known for its vibrant flower spikes that stand tall, boasting shades of red, orange, and yellow, these plants are a gardener’s delight for creating a dynamic landscape.


Start Your Red Hot Poker Garden Today!

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of drama to your perennial border or create a focal point in your landscape design, our Red Hot Poker Plants are up to the task. Visit Wayside Gardens now to purchase your plants and take the first step towards a stunning, resilient garden.