Dianthus/ Carnation Flowers

Explore our exquisite collection of Dianthus, the beloved carnation flowers, boasting vibrant hues and delicate fragrance. Find the perfect addition to your garden with our premium varieties.

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Dianthus 'Paint the Town Magenta'
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Dianthus Scent First® 'Tall Romance'
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Dianthus: Carnation Flowers for Sale

 Welcome to Wayside Gardens, where we present the timeless beauty of Dianthus, commonly known as carnation flowers. Renowned for their captivating colors, charming fragrance, and enduring elegance, Dianthus varieties offer a delightful addition to any garden landscape. Explore our curated selection below and bring the enchanting allure of carnations to your outdoor space.



  • Dianthus AMERICAN PIE Cherry Pie: Known for its striking cherry red flowers and compact, mounding habit. Cherry Pie adds a pop of color to flower beds, borders, and containers. The flowers feature a lovely spicy fragrance, further enhancing the garden experience.
  • Paint the Town Magenta Dianthus: With its heat tolerance and rich magenta blooms, this variety thrives in sunny borders and rock gardens, adding a splash of color to the landscape.
  • Dianthus American Pie┬« Bumbleberry Pie: Is a charming addition to any garden, featuring stunning bicolor flowers in shades of raspberry-red with a white eye. As part of the American Pie┬« series, known for its vibrant colors and exceptional performance, Bumbleberry Pie adds a touch of whimsy and elegance to flower beds, borders, and containers.

 Dianthus Overview: Delve into the enchanting world of Dianthus, encompassing a diverse genus of flowering plants celebrated for their versatility and ornamental appeal. From classic carnations to modern hybrids, discover the rich botanical heritage and distinctive characteristics that make Dianthus a beloved choice among gardeners worldwide.

 Cultivation and Care: Unlock the secrets to successfully cultivating Dianthus in your garden oasis. Our expert tips cover everything from ideal planting conditions to proper maintenance practices, ensuring your carnation flowers thrive throughout the growing season. Explore the nuances of soil preparation, watering techniques, and pest management to nurture healthy, vibrant Dianthus blooms year after year.

 Design Inspiration: Elevate your landscape design with the captivating beauty of Dianthus. Discover creative ways to incorporate these versatile flowers into your garden beds, borders, containers, and beyond. Whether used as focal points, accent plants, or mass plantings, Dianthus lends a touch of charm and sophistication to any outdoor setting, creating visual interest and sensory delight for all who encounter them.

 Seasonal Highlights: Celebrate the ever-changing beauty of Dianthus throughout the seasons. From the first delicate blooms of spring to the lush abundance of summer, track the progression of Dianthus varieties as they grace your garden with their radiant presence. Explore seasonal care tips and recommended cultivars to ensure your carnation flowers flourish in every phase of the gardening calendar.

 Embrace the timeless allure of Dianthus, the quintessential carnation flowers cherished for their exquisite beauty and enduring charm. Whether adorning a cottage garden, urban balcony, or sprawling estate, Dianthus from Wayside Gardens promises to elevate your outdoor space with its unparalleled grace and elegance. Explore our collection today and cultivate a garden masterpiece that blooms with Dianthus splendor year after year. Transform your outdoor oasis with the unparalleled beauty of Dianthus from Wayside Gardens. Shop our extensive collection today and elevate your gardening experience with these exquisite Carnation Flowers.


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