Cercis / Redbud

Redbud trees are nature's springtime painters, turning landscapes into pink canvases. Discover their early spring beauty, ecological value for pollinators, and the joy they bring to your garden.

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A favorite for bright spring color, Cercis / redbud is a moderate-to-rapidly growing tree that can reach a height of 20-30 feet, depending on the variety. Offering an array of sizes, shapes, and colors, including upright and weeping habits, with foliage in a range of purples and greens, redbuds make excellent street trees or specimens. Tolerant of urban pollution and heat and humidity, redbuds burst forth in spring with pink, lavender, fuschia, or white butterfly-attracting blooms. Add this easy tree to a sunny or lightly shaded area and enjoy a stunning flower show, year after year.

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