Lupine Plant

Discover our stunning range of Lupine plants at Wayside Gardens. From vibrant Blue Bonnets to colorful Russell Hybrids, our Lupines are perfect for adding beauty and attracting pollinators to your garden. Shop now to find the ideal Lupine variety for your outdoor space!

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Elevate Your Garden with Lupine Plant


Bring towering beauty to your garden with the stunning Lupine. Known for its striking vertical spires, this plant features pea-like blooms in a dazzling array of colors, making it a vibrant focal point in any outdoor space. Ideal for summer blooms, Lupines captivate with their vivid flowers set against a backdrop of rich gray-green foliage, ensuring they stand out in any garden setting.


Attract Pollinators

Perfect for those looking to Attract pollinators, Lupines invite bees and butterflies to revel in their colorful petals. Not only do they boast visual appeal, but these perennials are also incredibly resilient, thriving even in less-than-ideal garden conditions.


Easy to Grow

Easy to cultivate and maintain, Lupines promise to elevate your garden's aesthetic while being a practical choice for both novice and experienced gardeners. Embrace the charm and hardiness of Lupines, and watch as your garden transforms into a breathtaking display of colors and textures, drawing the attention of every guest.


A Show-Stopping Summer Stunner

Plant Lupines today and let your garden soar to new heights with these show-stopping summer stunners. Their ability to thrive in challenging environments makes them a valuable addition to any garden, enhancing the beauty and biodiversity of your outdoor haven.


Towering Flower Spikes of Lupine

Experience the majestic beauty of Lupine's towering flower spikes. This striking plant features vertical spires adorned with pea-like blooms in a vibrant spectrum of colors. As a focal point in any garden, Lupines deliver a visual feast that elevates your outdoor space, particularly during the summer bloom season.


Discover the Blue Bonnet Lupine

Elevate your garden's beauty with the enchanting Blue Bonnet Lupine. This variety is celebrated for its stunning flower spikes that tower gracefully, adorned with deep blue pea-like blooms. The Blue Bonnet stands out as a majestic focal point in any garden, flourishing during the warm summer months.


Explore the Diverse Species of Lupine

Discover the rich diversity of Lupine species, each offering unique characteristics and beauty to enhance your garden. From the vivid Blue Bonnet to the fiery Russell Hybrids and the delicate hues of the Mini Gallery series, there's a Lupine to suit every garden's theme and color palette.


About Our Lupine Plants

At Wayside Gardens, our selection of Lupine plants offers a stunning variety to beautify any garden space. Renowned for their striking spires and vibrant blooms, Lupines are more than just a visual treat; they are a gardener's ally in promoting a healthy and sustainable garden environment.

  • 5 Lupine plant varietys 
  • Attracting Wildlife
  • Easy to grow 
  • Hardy and Adaptable


Shop Our Diverse Selection of Lupine Plants

Dive into the world of Lupines at Wayside Gardens and discover the perfect addition to your garden landscape. Known for their stunning vertical spires and vibrant colors, our Lupine plants are a must-have for any garden enthusiast seeking beauty and ecological benefits.