Collapsible Kangaroo Garden Container

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Perfect for pruning or weeding jobs, the Kangaroo Collapsible Garden Container holds itself open while you work. Its unique design enables it to spring up while you fill (or empty) it, then to swirl flat for storage!

The Kangaroo is just waiting to be filled with weeds, pruned branches, or raked leaves. And when you're done, the container can be collapsed and stored easily in a compact, ready-to-hang, 3-inch stack.

The heavy-gauge vinyl construction is tear- and mildew resistant. This is a tough workhorse of a garden bag, ready for big branches, LOTS of leaves, or a huge load of heavy mulch. Use it fearlessly for all those drag-around-stuff jobs, and discover how much easier they can be when you have both hands free and a wide-mouthed container to use!

30-gallon Collapsible Kangaroo is 22 inches high and wide

10-gallon Collapsible Kangaroo is 16 inches high and wide