Croton Houseplant

Croton Houseplant

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Codiaeum variegatum
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Description / Croton Houseplant

Croton plants (Codiaeum variegatum) are incredibly varied plants that make a show stopping houseplant. The croton indoor plant has a reputation for being fussy, but in reality, if you know about caring for a croton houseplant properly, it can make for a very resilient and hard to kill plant.

The leaves are varied and can be short, long, twisted, thin, thick and several of these combined. Foliage colors ranges from green, variegated, yellow, red, orange, cream, pink and black to a combination of all these. You'll surely find that a Croton matches any of your indoor decor. Crotons prefer bright indirect light and moisture. Also note that Croton plants do not like to be moved, and when they are moved, they can quickly go into shock which results in leaf loss. Therefore, it's best to avoid moving the plant as much as possible. In situations where moving the plant is unavoidable (such as when you buy one), don't panic at the leaf loss. Simply maintain proper care and the plant will regrow its leaves within a short period of time, after which, it will prove to be a resilient houseplant.

The benefits of Croton don't stop at beauty and low maintenance. Houseplants increase the quality of our lives and are important for our well being. Plants in the home help us breathe easier by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, increase humidity which reduces dry skin, colds, sore throats, and coughs, as well as removes toxins to purify the air. There are even studies showing that houseplants decrease stress and increase productivity, reduce sickness, boost creativity, and increase focus.

Warning: All parts of the plant, including leaves, roots, latex, and the bark are poisonous so be careful with your pets.

Container Height: 5"

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Foliage Color Dark Green, Light Green, Medium Green, Olive Green
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