Easy Standard Fleece Tunnel

Easy Standard Fleece Tunnel

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Gardening just got a whole lot easier with this simple tool. Your plants love sunlight an water, but they don't welcome other elements like damaging winds, heavy rain, nibbling pests, and especially frosts. Luckily, you can protect your plants against these things with the Easy Standard Fleece Tunnel.

The durable material stands up to rough weather and protects your fragile plants. The polypropylene fleece is heavy weight, so it will last through multiple seasons. Once your plants can thrive without the protection, simply fold it up and store it for next season. Your plants will appreciate the protection for years to come.

Measuring 9.8 feet long, 18 inches wide, and 12 inches high, it's the perfect size for most garden rows, and each end is complete with a drawstring that can be pulled tight for more protection, or left open for more air circulation, and can even be attached to another tunnel for extra length.

It's so simple to use, you are going to wonder how you lived without it. All you have to do it set one end of the tunnel in place and unfold it over your crops. you don't have to struggle with a loose net, ties, or anchors. The galvanized steel hoops support the net, allowing your plants to breathe, and the durable material will last through weather and time.