Espoma Bulb Tone

Espoma Bulb Tone

4 lb bag
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Gardeners have trusted Espoma for many years now, and Bulb Tone is one of its flagship formulas. This easy-to-use, economical mix contains beneficial microbes that work to build the soil continuously, improving it around your bulbs and gradually in the entire garden.

Blended specially for plants that grow from bulbs, tubers, corms, rhizomes, and other manner of fleshy roots, this plant food contains bone meal and other premium ingredients to meet the nutritional requirements of these plant types. The NPK is 3-5-3 for gradual, long-term, slow release with no possibility of root burn.

The secret to Bulb Tone's success is a proprietary blend of microbes called Bio-tone.® This mix feeds the soil to improve plant roots' ability to take up nutrients. Used every year, Bio-tone® improves the fertility of the garden soil, as well as its aeration.

Make Bulb Tone a regular part of your fall garden routine, and you will soon see the beautiful results! 4-pound bag.