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4 Pound Bag
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Espoma® is a trusted name in plant food and fertilizers, so you know that Tree-tone® is going to be good. What you might not realize that it not only offers the standard NPK nutrients, but also Espoma's® own proprietary blend of beneficial microbes known as Bio-tone!

Apply Tree-tone® just twice a year (spring and fall) to all your trees -- fruiting, ornamental, dwarf, container, evergreen, conifer, etc. This formula is packed with everything your trees need to grow their very best.

The NPK analysis of Tree-tone® is 6% Nitrogen, 3% Phosphorous, and 2% Potassium. Add to that Bio-Tone®, Espoma's® own mix of beneficial microbes that stimulate nutrient absorption in the soil and maximize disease resistance. Espoma's® slow-release, organic fertilizer contains only nutrient-rich ingredients, no sludge or fillers. Using it in your landscape is safe for animals, humans, plants, and the environment

To apply, work Tree-Tone® into with the soil around your treelines. It is slow-release so it won't burn plant roots or overstimulate the plant. 4-pound bag.

Directions: One pound equals approx. 3 cupfuls

Feeding For proper growth, trees should be fed twice yearly:

Early Spring before growth starts.

Fall after leaves drop, but before ground freezes.

Small trees can be fed by sprinkling Tree-tone around like adding salt and pepper to food on ground over area equal to root spread. This can be estimated as the area under and slightly beyond the branch spread.

Large trees are best fed by placing the plant food under ground near the root system. This puts it closer to where it is needed and prevents the roots from working their way to the surface in search of food.

Make a series of holes 2 to 3 inches in diameter, 2 to 3 feet apart, and 12 to 18 inches deep under the drip line (outer edges of branches) of the tree. They can be made with an iron bar or, more preferably, with an auger. Divide Tree-tone evenly among the holes, fill remainder of hole with soil and water thoroughly.


The amount of Tree-tone required is determined by the caliper or diameter of the trunk. On medium and large trees this should be measured at a point 4 feet above the ground.

Small Trees -Up to 3 inch diameter - 3 lbs. total

Medium Trees -3 to 6 inch diameter - 4 lbs. per inch

Large Trees -Over 6 inch diameter - 6 lbs. per inch