Espoma Tree-Tone® - 4lb. Bag

Espoma Tree-Tone® - 4lb. Bag

4 Pound Bag
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Espoma is a trusted name in plant food and fertilizers, so you know that Tree-tone® is going to be good. What you might not realize that it not only offers the standard NPK nutrients, but also Espoma's own proprietary blend of beneficial microbes known as Bio-tone!

Apply Tree-tone® just twice a year (spring and fall) to all your trees -- fruiting, ornamental, dwarf, container, evergreen, conifer, etc. This formula is packed with everything your trees need to grow their very best.

The NPK analysis of Tree-tone® is 6% Nitrogen, 3% Phosphorous, and 2% Potassium. Add to that Bio-Tone®, Espoma's own mix of beneficial microbes that stimulate nutrient absorption in the soil and maximize disease resistance. Espoma's slow-release, organic fertilizer contains only nutrient-rich ingredients, no sludge or fillers. Using it in your landscape is safe for animals, humans, plants, and the environment

To apply, work Tree-Tone® into with the soil around your treelines. It is slow-release so it won't burn plant roots or overstimulate the plant. Follow package instructions for specific quantities and times for each type of plant in your landscape. 4-pound bag.