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Honeymoon™ Arborose® Climbing Rose

Honeymoon™ Arborose® Climbing Rose

rosa hybrid 'KORhemtra' PP#26,166

Plant Patent#18,952. Variety: 'KORhemtra'.

When selecting a climbing rose, you want to make sure 1. that your rose fits well on your structure, 2. that your rose performs well in the micro-climate of your garden, and 3. that the blooms are beautiful enough to deserve a place of prominence, since they will be some of the only garden flowers at eye level. Honeymoon™ passes all 3 tests with flying colors!

The creamy, pink-tinged blooms of Honeymoon™ bear an unparalleled form, with a cupped, whorled arrangement that makes the center of each bloom its own little work of art! The perfect plant to commemorate your marriage (or to give as a wedding gift), this robust and thoroughly disease-resistant cultivar will live on for decades, growing more and more beautiful as the years pass. And because Honeymoon™ is a part of the impeccably bred Arborose® series, it is guaranteed to possess fantastic disease resistance, own-root vigor, and soft, flexible canes that can be easily trained onto any garden structure from arbors to pergolas to lamp posts. Zones 5-9.