JackHammer™ Concentrate

JackHammer™ Concentrate

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Treats 32,000 square feet of garden, turf, trees, shrubs, or roses
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Size 1 Gallon
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1 Gallon

Description / JackHammer™ Concentrate

If your plants are getting just the right amount of light, water, and food but they still aren't thriving the problem is probably your soil. Compacted soil cannot support life as it lacks oxygen and space for roots to grow. This is a leading cause of plant failure in the garden.

The solution? Jackhammer™ Concentrate. This effective formula loosens condensed soil allowing oxygen, water, and nutrients to flow more freely through the ground. This concentrate is loaded with natural beneficial agents such as sea kelp, humic and fulvic acid and beneficial carbon. With Jackhammer™ working its magic in your garden the need to use supplemental irrigation drops by an astonishing 75%. The best part is that looser soil creates a positive feedback loop by attracting worms and encouraging microbial activity and humus creation.

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Product Classification Accessories
Special Features Fertilizer, Soil Amendments
Size 1 Gallon
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