Fiskars® Multi-Snip Pruner

Fiskars® Multi-Snip Pruner

Stainless Steel
Item # 33964
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Here it is, your go-everywhere, multi-use set of pruners that also becomes a utility knife, a set of wire cutters, and an all-purpose blade. Accompanied by a lifetime manufacturer's warranty, it's a must-have for any gardener.

The Multi-snip Pruner is designed to be ambidextrous, so lefties can use it without feeling as though they're compensating for unfriendly grips. The Softgrip® coating on the handle helps reduce muscle fatigue, so you may find yourself working longer and more comfortably in the garden while using these pruners.

The blades are stainless steel and stay sharp, cutting, sawing, slicing, and snipping with ease. These pruners also include a notch for cutting wire. They've thought of everything!

And the safety lock on these pruners prevents accidents and ensures that the blades stay closed (and hence, cleaner and sharper) when not in use. It even comes with a sheath for keeping it on your belt clip!

Pick up several extra Multi-snips for gifts for friends. Quality this superior is too good to pass up!