Dianthus Rosebud

Dianthus Rosebud

Dianthus hybrid 'WP08 OS03' PP#21,397

This pretty and petite carnation cultivar is sure to win your heart with its sweet, rosy pink blossoms! 'Rosebud' is a compact little perennial that boasts a large appeal! Start growing this carnation in your containers and well-drained garden spaces this season and enjoy a long parade of succulent blue-green foliage and cutflower-perfect blooms!

Resembling little roses, the ruffled, petal-packed blossoms are colored a delightfully rich pink tone. These blooms arise in the spring and continue all summer long, reblooming frequently if they are promptly deadheaded - all the more reason to snip them frequently for the vase! Their fragrance is irresistible to humans and butterflies alike.

Carnations are a Dianthus species (Dianthus caryophyllus) renowned for their especially large, rose-like blooms, generally featuring a rich pink color and a delightfully sweet fragrance. Carnations are especially favored as clothing accessories, often being used as nosegays and boutonnieres.

Succulent and drought resistant, 'Rosebud' thrive in full sun (or part shade) and well-drained soil. This cultivar is not picky about soil pH or composition, as long as it has sufficient drainage. Every 2-3 years the plant can be divided up, spreading the beauty across the landscape! Zones 5 to 9.