Soft Twist Tie™

The perfect union of strength and softness
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Plants are living treasures. Treat them with care. Don't use bare wire or other plant ties that can crush stems and cut off the flow of sap. Trust our plant-safe Soft Twist Ties™ instead. The durable, heavy-duty wire offers the same strength and flexibility of wire, but encased in a layer of soft, spongy green rubber that squeezes your plants gently, securing them without doing any damage. The green color is a favorite of gardeners because it blends in well with foliage and makes sure your attention stays on all those gorgeous blooms.

This easy-to-use spool includes 16 feet of cushioned wire, enough to secure several climbing roses, clematis, tomatoes, grapes, or other vines. Just unwind what you need and snip it off. The durable material ensures that these ties are good to use season after season for many years.


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Size: 16-Foot
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