The Worlds Coolest Rain Gauge - 24-inch Stake

The World's Coolest Rain Gauge - 24-inch Stake

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The design of this unique rain gauge is based on Archimedes' principle of water displacement, resulting in a fun and functional instrument and garden accent unlike any other.

The solid copper flute collects the water, and the extremely durable, blue polycarbonate measuring tube with a calibrated float sits down inside the flute. As water fills the flute, the blue tube floats up, displaying the measurement.

And unlike most rain gauges, the numbers are visible from a great distance. The rain gauge is held in a sturdy steel mount that's powder-coated for rust resistance. Each one is proudly handmade in the USA!

The copper flute is 1.5" wide (id) x 6" high. The inner blue tube is 1.375" id x 1.5" od x 6" long.