Canna Lily 'Taroudant' Bulb

Canna Lily 'Taroudant' Bulb

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Bloom with Brilliance: Canna Lily 'Taroudant' - A Tropical Garden Star
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Pack of 1
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Key Characteristics

7 - 10

Mature Height

3 Feet

Mature Width

12 IN

Sun / Shade

Full Sun

Moisture Level

Moist, well-drained

Soil Type

Normal, loamy, Clay

Description / Canna Lily 'Taroudant' Bulb

Transform your garden into a tropical sanctuary with the vibrant Canna 'Taroudant', a standout canna lily that promises to bring your outdoor space to life. As summer approaches, this remarkable canna lily variety unfurls its large, bright green leaves, crowned with striking bicolor blooms of orange and yellow. These enchanting flowers, supported by tall, sturdy stems, persist throughout the summer months, attracting butterflies and hummingbirds to their rich, nectar-filled blossoms.

The Canna 'Taroudant' belongs to the Canna generalis species, also widely recognized as canna, canna lily, or Indian shot. This exotic, herbaceous tender perennial is celebrated for its ability to spread through rhizomes, forming an impressive upright clump. Thriving in the warmth and humidity, the canna lily 'Taroudant' effortlessly integrates with other annuals and perennials that share its tropical zeal. Perfect for planting in moist areas or near water features, cannas, when grouped or massed, offer a dramatic visual impact, providing a lush backdrop or acting as a dynamic natural screen in milder climates. In container gardens, this canna lily serves as a splendid "thriller" centerpiece, especially when paired with varieties like 'Toucan Yellow', enhancing the tropical vibe.

Canna lily 'Taroudant' is a robust, low-maintenance plant known for its heat tolerance and ability to stand in water for short periods. It thrives best in sunny locations with rich, moist, well-draining soil but will also tolerate partial shade and a variety of soil conditions, including those that are less than ideal. This plant's thirst and hunger for nutrients mean it benefits greatly from regular watering and liberal application of compost or organic fertilizer. Encouraging continued flowering is as simple as deadheading the spent blooms, making 'Taroudant' a consistently vibrant addition to your garden. Additionally, its resistance to deer makes it an even more valuable choice for gardeners.

In areas with mild winters (Zones 7-10), the canna lily 'Taroudant' can be easily overwintered by cutting it back to soil level, whether left in the ground or in containers. For those in cooler climates (Zones 3-6), prepare your canna lily for winter by cutting it down to about 4 inches after the first frost, then lifting and drying the rhizomes before storing them in a cool, dry place. With the arrival of spring, divide the rhizomes and replant after the last frost, ensuring soil temperatures are at least 60┬░F, to kickstart another season of lush, tropical beauty.

Incorporating the Canna 'Taroudant' into your garden not only promises a season filled with stunning, tropical flair but also a garden that buzzes with life, thanks to its allure to wildlife. This heat-tolerant, easy-to-care-for canna lily, especially when combined with varieties like 'Toucan Yellow', will ensure your garden remains a vibrant, inviting oasis all summer long.

Zones 7 - 10. What is My Zone?

Stunning canna has tropical blooms and showy foliage, while they're not true lilies, they grow from rhizomes and so are easy to plant, divide, and take up if you're in a cooler hardiness zone. Find the details for growing cannas in our Canna Care Guide.

Product Details

Item Form Bulb
Bulb Pack Size Pack of 1
Genus Canna
Species indica
Variety 'Taroudant'
Product Classification Bulbs
Habit Upright
USDA Zone Low 7
USDA Zone High 10
Sun / Shade Full Sun
Bloom Color Multi-Color, Orange, Yellow
Bloom Season Start Early Summer
Foliage Color Medium Green
Resistance Deer Resistance
Special Features Butterfly Lovers, Easy Care Plants, Hummingbird Lovers
Uses Beds, Containers
Zone 7, 8, 9, 10
State Shipping Restrictions GU, PR, VI

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